Lyon – Bayern score is crazy

A goal in three major course - easily, like a knife on butter, beat guests at the 27 th minute

In brief: Arjen Robben almost the first time since the start of the fight has shifted to the right edge of the central zone, where most kick beat Muller - Thomas motnuvshis to the left, pulled over two defenders and then gave the center Olić. Horvath was worth around, to leave out of business Sissoko, and then clear and simple punch attack Lorisa.

Lyon – Bayern score became fantastic. Three goals of Ivica Olic and unconditional victory of the team, Louis van Gaal in France. Before the game on Zherlane mentors both teams faced a number of staffing problems as a disqualification and injury of players. In this case neither Claude Pyuel or Louis van Gaal did not put the problems of this wing at the center – though the Dutchman, for example, had to choose all of the 17 players, who had gone to Lyons.

That is, the conventional division chances in percentage fluctuated little in comparison with the first bout. Exactly how no one was waiting for the spectacular, and spectacular game, especially bearing in mind that the Bavarians managed to keep its doors dry in Munich – but because a quick goal in their performance could not so much to kindle the flame, as to extinguish the spark of intrigue.

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Briefly running through the compositions. The main loss of hosts was Toulalan, played the first meeting in the center of defense and a red card, resulting in Pyuel creative could come to the placement of players in midfield. Mentor has played in a 4-2-3-1 with a pair of Macoon-Gonalon as opornikov, but the trio of attacking midfielder, he was dazzling in an original – perhaps hoping to experience Govou, he set in Sydney based on the right, on the other side disposed Bastos, and in the center rather unexpectedly released Cesar Delgado. Surprised that evoked not just for the reason that the Argentine’s most comfortable feeling on the flank, but in the absence of starting one of the most dangerous players of Lyon in the current Champions League Miralema Pyanicha.

With regard to Bavaria, then there greatest concern the health of major tsentrbekov team of Martin Demichelis and Daniel van Byuytena. As a result, each of them held on time, although the Argentine, we have to admit, had to work much less – about it, of course, a little below. In terms of the German defense a little frightened person left fielder Diego Contento, who had to confront Sidney Govou, but with this role Bayern defender handled. In the attack, contrary to the assumptions of some specialists, Van Gaal did not use Miroslav Klose, but played with a pair of forwards Olic Mueller. Due to the disqualification of Frank Ribery place on the left flank is occupied Hamit Altıntop.

Almost the entire first half of the meeting held opponents to a collision course, although already in the second minute in the general course of the match had to make adjustments Mueller. Surely Gerd Muller, who attended the game and shook his head when he saw how beautiful moment ruined his young namesake – Chris slipped near his own penalty than instant advantage Olic was out shell jeopardy partner – Thomas is after the near corner, but misses.

Lyon is responsible moment after the standard. Couple tsentrbekov, who came to lodge Korner, just not organized goal: Boumsong at the nearest bar got round his head, to transport it to distant bar, where Chris loomed – nevertheless, the captain liontsev no time in milliseconds to investigate the situation and at least put his head . The team Pyuelya continue trying to shoot from the same weapon: an arsenal in the form of flank innings and Govou shot, Bustos, and Delgado hit only half, because the ball after the add-on regularly flew it into the hands Butto, the emptiness.

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