Goldman Sachs: a new investigation

Goldman Sachs once again gunpoint

In brief: Goldman Sachs and investigation of fraud company can become a scandal of this year.

Goldman Sachs back in the spotlight. Goldman Sachs Managers of investment bank Goldman Sachs, who is accused of fraud with mortgage securities, on Tuesday had to withstand considerable pressure during the hearing which lasted ten o’clock in the U.S. Senate. Despite this, and despite the fall in the market, following yesterday’s auction market capitalization of the bank with 141-year history has grown by $ 549 million.

Commission on the Securities and Exchange Commission accused the company of fraud in the mortgage securities market, saying that Goldman Sachs is lowering the cost of structured by him bond. As a result, investors have lost, and the company made a profit. Representatives of the once most prestigious investment companies in the world, insisting on his innocence, claiming that playing by the same rules, which played the rest.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-04-28 09:37, Economics.

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