Gulf of Mexico: oil threatens Louisiana an ecological disaster

New ecological disaster in the U.S.

In brief: Oil spill can bring Louisiana to ecological collapse

Fire and flooding of floating drilling platforms in the Gulf of Mexico could result in a major ecological catastrophe. Oil film – the leading edge of a giant oil slick, fueled by an underwater well in a few dozen kilometers from the coast – went to the Mississippi Delta. The situation in recent days become catastrophic shape.

Especially after it became clear that the well under the sunken oil platform still discharged into the sea much more oil than originally thought specialists. If the hole can not drown, the extent of contamination may exceed the largest catastrophe of this kind: grounding off the coast of Alaska tanker Ekkson Valdez.

An oil slick has already reached 160 kilometers in length and 70 wide. Why is information about the extent of the disaster became known so late? That’s how he explains the situation Doug Hilton from the National Office for Nature Conservation:

- A platform for deep sea drilling – it carry a ship. Oil well located at a depth of more than a mile. In such circumstances, the vessel can not anchor, and it is attached to the seabed only the duct. When the ship exploded and overturned more than a mile pipe broke away from him and now lie on the seabed.

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2010-04-30 12:43, Society.

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