Swine flu: the epidemic befell upon 1.5 million Ukrainians

The number of diseased people is now close to 1.5 million

In brief: According to the official data of the Ministry of health protection there are 315 victims of epidemic in Ukraine. 16 people died of the flu yesterday

The Ministry of health protection has published the last data about the epidemic situation which is not consoling. The speed of flu contagion becomes lower but people continue dying.

16 people died yesterday. Since the beginning of the epidemic there have been about 315 people died of season flu as well as A/H1N1 virus. And their number increases daily.

According to the official information of the Ministry of health protection there have been 1.4 million people diseased of flu since the beginning of epidemic, 78 000 of them have been hospitalized.

48 000 people have passed over the flu. But 30 000 diseased are still in hospitals. 2 000 of them were hospitalized yesterday.

Is the situation really improving?

Ukranian Globalist
2009-11-17 10:21, Society.

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