Powerful earthquake in Indonesia: destruction and danger of tsunami

New earthquake occurred near the coast of Indonesia

In brief: In Asia, a series of powerful earthquakes, there is danger of tsunami.

Along the coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra massive earthquake measuring 7.4 on the Richter scale. According to the USGS earthquake’s epicenter was located 225 kilometers south of Sumatra. It was announced warnings of a possible tsunami, but after half an hour the threat had passed. As it turned out, in the nearest settlement to the epicenter of wave height was only 20 centimeters.

No casualties have not yet reported, but it is known that several houses damaged, and in several regions of a power failure. Nevertheless, in Aceh panic. They still remember the earthquake and tsunami in late 2004, when the victims of floods have left tens of thousands. In this regard, they remain on the streets and afraid to return home.

Recall, 30 September 2009. Sumatra earthquake magnitude 7.6. The epicenter was located 45 km north-west of Padang. Then, the tsunami killed at least 1,1 thousand people, several thousand people were injured.

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2010-05-09 10:53, Society.

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