Cloud of ash from Iceland strikes the European aviation

The danger of volcano

In brief: The cloud of ash eruptions in Iceland makes Europeans to stay at home.

Volcano in Iceland is still dangerous enough. Volcanic cloud again spreading through Europe. Lifted 900 flights. Due to the change of wind direction on the UK and Ireland is coming from the north of Iceland a new cloud of volcanic ash, which can result in the next day to the closure of a number of airports.

Currently, according to the British Civil Aviation Authority, will be closed at least until 14:00 six airports in Scotland, including Inverness and Kirkwall.

Airports in Ireland, are expected to operate normally until 14:00 local time, and then may be introduced bans on flights to several “air gates”, in particular, in Donegal.

There have long delays in the arrival at Heathrow and other British and European airports, aircraft transatlantic flights. It is connected with the fact that a considerable height over the Atlantic Ocean to the west of the British Isles is a large cloud of volcanic ash – a consequence of increased in the past few days the activity Icelandic volcano.

British National Air Traffic Service, as stated by its representative, “continues to inform crews of restrictions on transatlantic flights execution. They are encouraged to bypass the cloud over the Atlantic at an altitude of 10 thousand meters north or south of the new air corridors.

In addition, Italy is temporarily closed in the morning almost all airports in the northern part of the country.

Portugal closed the airport of Porto, in Spain – Santiago and Vigo.

Also, the termination of flights can declare France and Switzerland.

As expected by Sunday evening cloud chart ranks south Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria.

According to Eurocontrol, in Europe on Saturday canceled over 900 flights, mostly in Spain, where 19 airports were closed.

Recall Eyyafyatlayokudl volcano eruption that began on April 14, is located 200 kilometers east of the capital of Iceland in Reykjavik. The eruption in the atmosphere were emitted a huge cloud of ash that has led to the closure of airspace over much of Europe for a few days.

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2010-05-09 13:23, Society.

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