Volcano in Iceland began to terror in Europe with a new and no less force

Volcano in Iceland has huffed again

In brief: Volcano in Iceland began to throw new dose of ash and magma, and projections for the future no one can not give.

The volcano in Iceland proves Europe that about peaceful life in the Old World they can only dream. To hope that the situation has improved is not necessary. The majority of flights between Europe and North America postponed because of the Icelandic volcano. Ashes cover an increasing part of the sky of Europe. A cloud of dust, which formed from the eruption drifted to the wind from the north to the south of the Old World.

It should be noted that every day across the Atlantic Ocean is performed about 600 flights. Today, roughly 40% of them will be delayed and sent on another route. The authorities of Spain have already announced the closure of 15 airports.

As expected, a number of airports will be closed in southern France and northern Portugal, and Spain. Earlier it was reported that the state management company ANA announced on Saturday, May 8, the abolition of 104 flights in Portugal in connection with the distribution of volcanic ash clouds, formed by volcanic activity in Iceland.

Recall that vVulkan, located about 150 km from Reykjavik began erupting on March 20. April 14 there was a second eruption. As a result, formed a cloud of volcanic ash.

Because of the eruption, most countries in Europe have closed the airspace. Losses from idle aviaotrasli estimated at $ 2 billion in EU security flights fears that particles of volcanic dust are hazardous to aircraft engines.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-05-09 13:51, Society.

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