The crisis in Greece – Ukraine will not receive credit from IMF

Ukraine may lose hope of obtaining a loan from the IMF

In brief: The International Monetary Fund will likely not allocate Ukraine loan, due to economic and social problems in Europe, in particular, in Greece.

News in Ukraine are very sad. The consequences of the collapse of the euro in Greece will affect Ukraine, – stated Deputy Director of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations Valery Novitsky. “Firstly, the interest of Ukraine to the EU will decrease. Because the euro area today is the yoke for the EU itself. Secondly, there is a tendency to decline in the euro. Today they predict that dollars and euro rate will be 1:1. Both currencies are beaten for mercy, and to whose mercy people will be stronger, and it will win, “- said the expert.

In his view, from the fall of the euro benefited those individuals who have Eurocredit. Downward pressure from the euro may be good for UAH – it would fall too. And the dollar could rise, because the Americans are trying to use the euro’s failure to increase the rate of its currency.

“When people ask me what currency today should keep the money, the specific families, I say: now they must try to spend it. Because none of the currency is stable,” – noted economist.

Another consequence of the Greek crisis, experts describe the likely failure of Ukraine, International Monetary Fund.

“They now have to give this money in Greece. The money from the European Union also fail, because Europe is now necessary to save more, and Portugal, Holland. We are confronted by Spain and Iceland, which, too, want to be candidates. We are, as they say , “the sixth crawling” – the director of the Institute of Society Transformation Oleg Soskin at the press conference.

However, economists calm, that it will not become a big problem for Ukraine. “Yes, the Government will be hard to live. But if the Ukraine has never cooperated with the IMF, it would be much better. Because she never has effectively used the loans from the IMF, the IMF has always been indifferent to how effectively the money is used”, – said Valeriy Novitsky.

Pavel Migin
2010-05-09 14:47, Economics.

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