Volcano in Iceland closes new airports

Wrath of the Icelandic volcano closed airports

In brief: In Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy and Austria ceased to function airports, flights are canceled everywhere.

Volcano is still alive. A new cloud of volcanic ash from Icelandic volcano continues to move towards Europe. Through the southern part of Switzerland it got to the Apennine peninsula. Italian authorities were forced to order the closure of airports in Milan, Pisa and Florence. The government promised to open them today, but everything will depend on how dangerous clouds will be.

Meanwhile in Spain, all the airports which were closed May 8, 2010 are opened again.

Portugal closed the flights to the city of Porto, and France suffered no less than twenty flights from the airport, Nice Côte d’Azur, the cloud is also expected over Germany and the Czech Republic, according to BBC News.

In April 2010 began the eruption of Eyyafyatlayokudl volcano. Huge amount of volcanic ash formed a cloud, which has paralyzed flights across Europe. The cloud is gone, but the volcano continues to erupt, which keeps the menace to airspace of the Old World.

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2010-05-09 16:59, Society.

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