Somali pirates continue hijacking

The number of pirates’ hijackings increases

In brief: Yesterday the pirates succeed in seizure of tanker near the Seychelles

The pirates continue hijacking near the Somali coast and the accidents of such seizures increases rapidly. The international operations to counteract maritime piracy have reduced the number of seizures but haven’t excluded them. Thus yesterday the pirates succeed in seizure of tanker near the Seychelles.

According to the France Press’ data the tanker was seized yesterday near the Aldabar islands which are the part of Seychelles archipelago. Today it is known that the ship is going direct to the Somali coast but the name of the tanker, its crew and nationality is keeping in secret.

In spite of military efforts it is still impossible to stop Somali pirates. During this year there have been 34 hijackings near the Somali coast and 450 hostages have been taken.

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2009-11-17 15:31, Society.

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