Gordon Brown resigns

The resignation of Gordon Brown - a matter of time

In brief: Gordon Brown will say goodbye to goverment in Britain in September this year - said experts and geopolitics.

Gordon Brown failed to meet expectations. In the UK the day, negotiations continued between the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats. There were rumors and that is about two parties agree on forming a coalition, and further, gaining more than the necessary 326 votes in parliament, will have the right to form a government.

British newspapers were quick to say that Gordon Brown will resign “no later than Monday night, but this never happened. Negotiations between the Tories and Liberal Democrats foundered – too many different programs have often been those parties.

Gordon Brown gave a brief press statement, saying that he will leave, but not now, but only in September, and only after his Labor Party would create a coalition with the Liberal Democrats to form a new Cabinet.

“No party won enough votes for a parliamentary majority. And it is my duty as prime minister – continue to lead the government until the parties try to agree on a coalition. As we know, the Liberal Democrats first began negotiations with the Conservatives. But Mr Clegg said me that although the dialogue and continues until he is considering and the option of a coalition with Labour. I believe that our alliance with the Liberal Democrats would be in the national interest. We have similar views on how to reform the economy. And yet – if becomes clear that most of the country to the coalition government of Labour and the Liberal Democrats, I resign as prime minister and Labor leader, “- said Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-05-10 19:53, Society.

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