British Petroleum (BP) is ready to pay?

BP pays victims of oil spills

In brief: British Petroleum is paying and will pay all those affected by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The company British Petroleum (BP) on claims for damages caused by oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico, has already paid 3.5 million dollars. Such a figure head of the Washington-led business units David Neydzhel. He said the group received a total of 4,7 thousand claims for damages, of which nearly 300 have already met.

On Tuesday in the U.S. Senate scheduled a hearing on issues related to the emergency situation in the Gulf of Mexico, where the April 20 explosion at an oil platform operated by BP. As expected, the hearings will be raised the question of revising the provisions of the oil pollution of 1990, which provides compensation for loss of profits and damage from such disasters in the amount of $ 75 million, and we are talking about compensation and not on expenditures wastewater treatment works. The Administration proposes to significantly increase the amount of compensation, and several senators have introduced a bill to increase the colleagues of the upper level of payment to 10 billion dollars.

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2010-05-10 23:05, Economics.

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5 comments к “British Petroleum (BP) is ready to pay?”

  1. Gérald Lehouillier Says:

    You coud place e cap inside of the tubu whou is liking like cone

  2. Larry Tariel Says:

    To Mr Tony Hayward:

    As a young man I assisted my father in building an ice skating rink and an ice house. There is one thing I remembered, that when the pipes got cold frozen, any pipes that were close that carried water were also frozen. Can’t you freeze that valve an stop the leak?? With all the fancy gadgets you have at your disposal, I Know you will do it!! Good luck.


  3. Larry Tariel Says:

    Freeze it solid, it won’t leak until you want to!!

  4. Jean Jacques Ebolo Ngala Says:

    Mr Doug Suttles,

    One of the important first steps to stop the leak by freezing the area.
    Even if, as Larry Tariel mentioned, freezing the pipes does not show a substantial response, however a frozen liquid does move much slowly (less speed) than at the normal state.
    In response to that, the affected area (around the source of the leak) will be much smaller. This will allow more time to think about other techniques and equipements to be used and placed.
    If you leave the solution (water+oil+ other chemicals) to spread at the actual speed, most part of all the gulf of mexico and its surrounding area will be affected and the damage caused to the environment will be unbearable during our life time.
    Start with freezing the source of the leak and around. This will reduce your (BP) bill

  5. George Philip Says: has a Eco friendly solution to clean up the tragedy British Petroleum has created, please watch the video animation: and pass this along to as many people as you know.

    One person can still make a difference in this world, is that simple interactions have a rippling effect. Each time this gets pass along, the hope in cleaning our planet is passed on.

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