Boeing 737 burns in Amsterdam

In Holland caught fire the plane - Boeing 737

In brief: Two passengers became victims of a fire on board the Boeing 737 in the capital of Holland.

One of the engines of a Boeing 737 Danish-Dutch airline Transavia caught fire before takeoff at Amsterdam airport. 186 passengers were evacuated by inflatable rafts. The fire originated in one of the auxiliary engines in the rear part of the Boeing 737. The aircraft was to fly to the Portuguese resort town of Faro. Two passengers received minor injuries.

On Tuesday night it became known that the Portuguese aviation authorities from behind a cloud of volcanic ash have closed the airspace over the region Faro to 15.00 Moscow time on Tuesday. On Monday, the whole of Europe from behind a cloud of volcanic ash have been canceled about 500 flights. Much of the remaining 28.5 thousand flights will be delayed. A new cloud of volcanic dust has been a significant limitation of flights in the skies over Britain, Spain, Portugal and Austria. Italy and Germany reopened its airspace after the temporary restrictions.

Eurocontrol warn of serious delays in trans-Atlantic flights, most of which are redirected to the new air corridors bypassing the clouds hanging over the Atlantic.

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2010-05-10 23:29, Society.

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