Patek Philippe sold for $ 5.6 million at Christies

The most expensive watches in the world

In brief: Another lot at the Christies auction was able to surprise many connoisseurs of watches, created in the last century.

Trading house Christie’s sold the Patek Philippe watch number 1527, which were released in 1944. Lot went for $ 5.6 million this way, this instance one of the three most expensive men’s watches in the world. Unique in the world watches this design with chronograph and calendar have been evaluated or 1,5 – 2,5 million Swiss francs, which is equal to their value in dollars.

Design hours, completed in 1944, at the end of World War II, the experts called “the avant-garde.” The body model has become more streamlined shape, increasing in diameter dial up to 37.6 mm.

Only two pairs of such clocks were made to order Stern family, who own the firm since 1932. In 2002, the family copy was handed to the museum Patek Philippe, and the second was put up for auction in Geneva from a private collection.

The most expensive model was created in 1932 for New York banker Henry Graves. In 1999 they were sold at auction for a record sum of $ 11 million.

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