FTSE index fell after Monday’s rise

FTSE index fell today

In brief: Yesterday's FTSE rise is followed by the fall.

Though the FTSE 100 index rose up greatly yesterday, today it fell by more than 1 per cent and still keeps decreasing. The cause of yesterday’s growth was the support package that the EU countries agreed – bank stocks boost came on the second day after its approval. The package is aimed to help the eurozone countries that are currently suffering from crisis.

The fall of the pound was recorded during the speech of Gordon Brown which was considered to be disturbing later. The political uncertainty in the UK seems to considerably affect the pound. Stock markets in other EU countries are also going through falls – for example, the Paris CAC fell 1,78% to 3,655.24 points and Frankfurt’s DAX 30 decreased 1.59% to 5,922.03 points.

Olga Bespalova
2010-05-11 12:25, Economics.

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