Worm attacks users of Skype

Internet worm attacks skype

In brief: Today, research firm Bkis reported that users of Internet telephony Skype at risk of becoming victims of internet worm W32.Skyhoo.Worm.

Unknown developers had created the new network virus for Skype. Today the worm is attacking users of Internet telephony called Skype. New virus more modified and dangerous. Of particular danger it causes to computers that run under Windows. According to the “Globalist”, in most cases, mailing worm uses automated messages containing the words photo or photos. When you try to run the file is to activate it.

Initially, the worm starts to send copies of itself across the contact list the user, and then it replaces the code file% WinDir% / infocard.exe and adds its communication data to a white list of Windows Firewall. Later, the worm modifies the registry and disables the computer to access Windows Update. In parallel, the creators of the virus creates a botnet of computers previously infected with worms. This network can connect to several IRC-channel to receive remote commands and is trying to block the work of popular anti-virus with rootkit technology.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-05-11 12:54, Society.

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