David Cameron became Prime Minister of Great Britain

David Cameron became the new leader of a great country

In brief: David Cameron, as a successor to departed Brown will not be repeating his mistakes and take a course on strengthening the economy of Britain and the development of social programs.

David Cameron became the new Prime Minister of Great Britain. Queen Elizabeth II appointed to this position the leader of the Conservative Party in accordance with the recommendations of retired Gordon Brown. After a 13-year domination of the Labour Party in British politics to the Conservatives returned to power. Their leader, David Cameron has already been adopted as the new Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace.

British television showed footage as David Cameron comes to the palace in a silver Jaguar and his encounters shouted crowd. After compliance with all the rituals D. Cameron became the new prime minister of Great Britain. He promised the queen to create a new Cabinet. Then solemnly presented Elizabeth his wife. Then all three went away for a brief private conversation. The new head of the British government was born in 1966. domestic broker. Received a prestigious education, graduating from Eton and Oxford. Immediately after the University joined the ranks of the Conservative Party, was one of the speechwriters Prime Minister John Major. For a time he worked in the Ministry of Interior.

In 2001. D. Cameron was elected to the House of Commons from Oxfordshire. In 2005. after the failure of Tory election, was elected new party leader, succeeding Michael Howard. D. Cameron managed to defeat rivals in recent debates election 2010. when discussing economic issues. As stated by D. Cameron, the British economy needs change. Speaking about the crisis in Greece, it promised that Britain will never enter the euro area. D. Cameron, married to a representative of the famous aristocratic family Sammante Sheffield. Cameron has 2 children.

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2010-05-11 21:09, Society.

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