Forbes’s TOP of the most expensive houses

The most expensive residential real estate: Forbes's TOP-10

In brief: The most expensive houses in the world cost from $68 million to more than $125 million

The US magazine “Forbes” published the TOP of the most expensive residential real estate ready for sale.

The first position belongs to the mansion of television producer Aaron Spelling’s widow. It is a three-storeyed house of the French Chateau style built in 1991. The mansion is situated in the posh place Holmy Hills. There is a cinema hall, bowling, gym, cellar, library, china teahouse and beauty shop there.

The mansion Fleur de Lys occupies the second position. Its price is $125 million. The house is the property of Texas billionaire David Saperstein. It is situated in Beverly Hills and its area is about 4100 square meters.

The Updown court mansion is on the third position. Its price is about $117 million. The house is situated in the British county of Surrey. There are more than 100 rooms there including several ballrooms, cinema hall for 50 places, squash hall, spa-center and swimming-pool.

The Leopold’s villa is the next. It is situated in the Azure shore and costs about $102 million. It has 11 bedrooms, several fire-places, sauna, and swimming-pool.

The fifth position is shared between two mansions: Albemarle in Virginia and Tranquility in the valley of the Lake Tahoe. Each costs $100 millions.

Among first ten of the most expensive houses there is also Villa La Palladiana in France (its price is $76 million), penthouse in New York and Hummingbirg Ranch in California (their prices are $75 million of each one), the villa of Cielo de Bonaire in Spain of $74 million value and the mansion of Bell-Eire in Los Angeles of $72 million price.

The last tenth position belongs to the BootJack Ranch in Colorado valued of $68 million.

Last year the first position was shared between Fleur de Lys in California and Dunnellen Hall in Connecticut of $125 million each one.

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