Moldova is the poorest country in Europe

Moldova became a record on poverty

In brief: The European Commission has recognized Moldova one of the poorest neighborhood of the European Union, told journalists at the European Commission in Kishinev.

That is the conclusion reached by experts, studying the implementation of the “European Neighbourhood Policy” with regard to Moldova. The reason for such evaluation have statistics. Thus, the average annual per capita income here is only 1100 euros (less than 100 euros per month).

The republic’s GDP last year fell by 6.5% in contrast to growth on 7,2% in 2008. The negative trend observed in the foreign trade. Last year, bilateral trade between Moldova with the EU which is its largest trading partner, fell by 30% – from 2.45 billion euros in 2008. Due to unemployment, nearly a third of the working population has left the country, and the rest of her family live on the expelled them money. Stricken republic and the economic crisis worsened the political crisis. In the country a year can not elect a president, during this period was carried out two campaigns for parliamentary elections, and begins the third. The fall in the economy forced the authorities to seek outside assistance. In January this year, the International Monetary Fund has approved an agreement granting of Moldova for three years about 410 million euros to help restore the financial and external stability.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-05-13 09:30, Economics.

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