S & P500 is making new attempts to increase

S & P500 was stable

In brief: The U.S. stock market is confident in their abilities and fully recovered from record lows last week.

On Wednesday, U.S. stock indices finished the session a good growth. Fears of the spread of the debt crisis problem Eurozone countries, and reassured investors guide the Commission Commodity Futures Trading, said at a congressional hearing that the confluence of the market last week was to blame for a trader who sold futures aggressively S & P500 e-mini.

As a result, investors have convinced themselves that the old fears are already irrelevant and the market returned purchases, particularly on shares of tech companies and industrial sectors. Only the banking sector “bullish sentiment was blurred by falling shares of Morgan Stanley on the background of claims on a number of transactions with mortgage derivatives. News early this week the creation of the European stabilization fund of $ 750 billion, continues to put pressure on the rate of the single European currency. In fact, the risks of sovereign debt “problem” of the euro area have been transferred to all EU countries through the inclusion of the printing press the ECB. This morning the EUR / USD pair is trading near 1.2660 marks. The spread between Brent and Light Sweet continues to grow. This morning, Brent is trading near a stable mark of $ 81.40 per barrel., While the price of WTI morning can not overcome the bar $ 75.7 per barrel. This is because of record oil reserves (37.0 million bbl.) Terminal Cushing, which is supplied with oil at NYMEX. By the way, analysts bank Goldman Sachs recommends investing in copper, oil and precious metals. Gold prices rose yesterday to new highs, reaching $ 1248/unts.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-05-13 09:36, Economics.

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