Aircrash in Tripoli: most of the victims are Hollanders

The victims are identified

In brief: Only one little boy of 8 years old is alive.

Citizens of nine countries have become victims of air disaster this Wednesday in Libya. 70 of them are from Netherlands.

Remind that yesterday Airbus-330 of Libyan Air Company “Al Ifriqiya” crashed in Tripoli airport while landing. The plane followed the route from Johannesburg. There were 93 passengers and 11 crew members onboard. The reasons of the disaster are still unknown. Specialists are now researching information from flight recorders.

It is now known that victims of the disaster were mostly from the Netherlands. Besides, there were also people from Germany, SAR, Finland, France, Zimbabwe, Philippines, the UK and Libya, including the crew. Only one little boy of 8 years old is alive. Now he is hospitalized to one of the hospitals in Tripoli.

Maria Velikanova
2010-05-13 13:13, Society.

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