Dow Jones Industrial Average went into free swimming

Dow Jones Industrial Average fell short of expectations of investors

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average repeats the fate of other U.S. indexes and left in an insignificant negative, although hopes for a recovery there - analysts say the market.

Dow Jones Industrial Average was unable to continue the marathon of growth, which began in recent days. Today the index is continually go into the minus. Stock trades in the U.S. opened on 13 May 2010. Movement of the leading indexes is very unstable. The main influence on the course of trading in the early hours of today’s session provided information on the number of initial claims for unemployment benefit for a week in the U.S.. According to the report of the Ministry of Labour of the country during the week that ended on 8 May 2010. As compared with that of the preceding weeks, the number of initial claims totaled 444 thousand, disappointing analysts who had expected the figure at 440 thousand.

Now the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose by 16.93 points (0.16%) – up to 10,913.84 points, the index S & P – on 1.09 points (0.09%) – up to 1,172.76 points, Nasdaq Composite Index – by 7.09 points (0.29%) and amounted to 2,432.11 points. On the background data on unemployment fell quotations of leading U.S. banks. In addition, the flames pour opening an investigation against a number of banks, including Goldman Sachs (-0,67%), Citigroup (-1,32%), UBS (-2,0%) in the case of fraud in transactions with mortgage-backed securities. In the red area today and traded securities of the world’s largest manufacturer of networking equipment – the company Cisco Systems Inc. Company’s financial results, published today, was less than expert forecasts that caused the fall of quotations Cisco to 3,33%. Also fell in early trading quotes online stores Kohl’s Corp. (-2.82%), After the company’s management announced forecasts for earnings per share up to the current year of $ 3.75 to $ 3.77 instead of the projected U.S. Cheaper today and securities of a number of mining companies in the U.S. on a background of falling prices for gold to 1,239.6 dollars per ounce. Quotations of one of the largest gold mining country Barrick Gold Corp. decreased by 1.14%. Among the leaders of today’s session, it is worth noting the U.S. provider of enterprise and mobile applications, Sybase Inc. On the eve of the German software developer – SAP AG announced the purchase of Sybase for 5.8 billion U.S. Under the deal, shareholders will get Sybase to $ 65 per share, up 56% over its closing price of U.S. trading on 11 May As a result, quotes Sybase jumped 14.7% in the first hours of trading. Shares manufacturer of computers and multimedia devices, Apple Inc. added to the price of 1%, after the largest U.S. retailer Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (0.48%) expressed willingness to start at home sales of iPad.

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2010-05-13 15:56, Economics.

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