Dow Jones Industrial Average sank for a few minutes?

Dow Jones Industrial Average rescued bulls from a desire to live

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average has proved to the world that not only are black Thursdays and Fridays and ... All the major indexes have fallen against the U.S. general negativity and fear.

Analysts predicted the Dow Jones Industrial Average rapid growth and prosperity at the end of this week, but mistaken. Error was fatal, Dow Jones Industrial Average index fell to a minimum. Stock trades in the United States 14 May 2010. opened a decrease in leading indexes amid fears that the debt crisis of the eurozone countries could adversely affect the recovery of the global economy. The external background trades today rather unfortunate – the Japanese Nikkei fell 1.49% in the trading session ended, stock trading in Europe opened lower leading indexes.

Economists note that the stock market will be receptive to external influences over the next few months. Coordinated stabilization mechanism the EU 750 billion euros will support the economic recovery only technically, but will not solve all the problems in the long term. The danger that Greece has yet to default, still exists. Even today published a favorable statistics for the U.S. economy have been able to influence the dynamics of quotations and cause them to grow. In particular, at 17:15 Moscow time, the Federal Reserve System (FRS) the USA has published data on the volume of industrial production in April 2010. According to which the figure has grown stronger (0.8%) than predicted analysts. Meanwhile, economists expect the growth rate only at 0.6%. Trading session opened in the “minus” for large mining companies, including aluminum giant Alcoa (-2,7%) and mededobyvayuschuyu Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold. (-3.2%). Their quotes are reduced to the background of declining prices for copper, aluminum and zinc. At the same time, the increase in gold prices is supporting quotations gold producers Barrick Gold (+0,8%) and Newmont Mining Corp. (+1%). The negative dynamics of quotations is also observed in the energy sector: reduction of oil prices for the fourth consecutive day, putting pressure on the market value of securities of oil giants ExxonMobil (-1%), Chevron Corp. (-1,2%), ConocoPhillips (-2,2%) and oil service Schlumberger (-2%).

Adversely fold bidding for the U.S. retailer Nordstrom (-3,1%). Despite the fact that the company reported on net profit for the I quarter 2010. in 116 million dollars, it is still was below forecasts of analysts, who expected more from the company. The 11% fall in the price of paper manufacturer GPU Nvidia Corp. on the background information that, according to the company’s own forecasts, sales in the II quarter of 2010. can be reduced by 5% – up to 950 million dollars compared with the same period in the amount of $ 1 billion, recorded in the II quarter of 2009. Meanwhile the consensus forecast of analysts’ sales Nvidia for II quarter of this year at the level of 991 million dollars at the moment, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 130.75 points (-1.21%) – up to 10,652.2 points, the index S & P – at 18.51 points (-1.6%) , to 1,139.04 points, the index of Nasdaq – by 42.77 points (-1.79%) and amounted to 2,350.42 points.

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2010-05-14 18:17, Economics.

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