The future of euro and the revolt of the Czech Republic

Czech Republic may renounce the rapid euro

In brief: Euro becomes a real problem for countries with economies in transition, such as the Czech Republic and Poland, experts say.

Future of euro is under great pressure. As reported by Radio of Prague, many small enterprises in the country, previously enthusiastically supported the introduction of the Czech Republic a single European currency, now are supporters of the delaying replacing the Czech crown.

These are the results of research conducted in the Republic of financial group Citfin among the 250 firms that are its customers. Before the crisis, most small Czech companies, the guiding international trade, required as soon as possible to enter the country the single European currency. However, now the situation has changed and the euro serves only one seventh of the small national enterprises. Others are prepared to wait for the transition to the euro a few years. Businessmen fear the problems that arose in connection with the financial failure of Greece. The euro zone is now no longer considered “exclusive club”, bringing exceptionally well-being. Term adoption of the euro in the Czech Republic has not yet been set, so the country can meet the requirements of the EU. To switch to the single European currency deficit of public finances of the country, as is known, should not exceed 3% of GDP, and with the economic crisis, last year the Czech Republic ended with a deficit of almost 6% of GDP.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-05-16 14:24, Currency news.

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