The bloodshed continues In Somalia

Terrorists attacked the parliament building Mogadishu

In brief: In Somalia, there is blood, the terrorists tried to take control of the parliament building of the country.

The number of victims of shelling the parliament building Somalia has risen to 16 people and over 30 injured. According to police, the victims of the terrorist attacks of the Legislative Assembly no. Previously reported nine dead and 20 wounded.

So far, none of the force in the country’s Islamist faction has claimed responsibility for the attack, but we know that MPs are often threatened by representatives of the movement of al-Shabab, which may be associated with al-Qaeda. Earlier reports said that gunmen fired on the building of parliament of Somalia from the capital market. Peacekeepers from the African Union returned fire. Today, the Somali MPs for the first time this year trying to hold a meeting of the Legislative Assembly. Parliamentary activities in Somalia virtually paralyzed. Many members of parliament because of the unstable situation live in Kenya, the United States and European countries.

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2010-05-16 19:11, Society.

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