Volcano in Iceland continued lawlessness in Europe

Icelandic volcano sleeps Europe ashes again

In brief: Regular flights to cancel in Ireland and Britain, we are confronted by several other countries - was to blame for the ashes of the volcano in Iceland.

The volcano of Iceland is still topic number one for Europe, especially for Britain. Clouds of volcanic ash from Iceland once again violated the air service in the UK. Closed airports in the north of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile, experts in Germany analyzed the risk of moving clouds of volcanic ash from Iceland. In the coming days, they do not expect any disruptions of air transport to Germany, at least until May 19. It should be recalled that, for about a month ago, a cloud of volcanic ash, caused by volcanic eruption in Iceland, paralyzed flights over Europe. According to experts, due to the closure of air space and flight cancellations the airline lost nearly $ 2 billion

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2010-05-16 20:05, Society.

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