Volcano in Iceland continues to terrorize Europe

Volcano in Iceland is raging again

In brief: British airports are partially closed because of the threat of Icelandic volcanic ash clouds, which moves in Europe.

Civil Aviation Authority of Britain has closed to flights in the airspace of several parts of Northern Ireland in connection with the spread of ash clouds over portions of Ulster, due to the ongoing eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyyafyadlayokull. Some of the exclusion zones has become the airspace over the administrative center of Northern Ireland, Belfast.

A cloud of volcanic dust has spread over the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea. According to meteorologists, moving to the southeast cloud of volcanic dust on chart ranks a large part of England on Tuesday to reach London, where he briefly delayed on Wednesday and will leave the airspace of the United Kingdom. In this connection, the national Office of Civil Aviation has decided to close until 22.00 Moscow time. airports of Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Doncaster and Carlisle, as well as airports, Prestwick, south-west of the Scottish city of Glasgow and Humberside in eastern England. On the morning of the no-fly airspace over much of Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man and the Irish Sea.

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2010-05-16 21:30, Society.

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