The volcano in Iceland awakened new volcanoes

Volcano in Iceland has a new problem

In brief: Scientists believe that the volcanic eruption in Iceland may wake several volcanoes, which are more so.

Icelandic eruption of the volcano, which paralyzed air travel, according to scientists, perhaps marks the beginning of the burst of volcanic activity, which will affect the life of Europe for decades. Scientists have reconstructed the chronology of 205 volcanic eruptions in Iceland for 1100 years and came to the conclusion that they are regular cycles, and a relatively quiet phase, which lasted five decades, is coming to an end.

At least three major Icelandic volcano ready for eruption, volcanologist warns of the University of Edinburgh Thor Thordarson. “The frequency of eruptions in Iceland increases and decreases during a cycle lasting about 140 years – he said. – At the end of XX century was a quiet period, but now there are signs that are approaching the peak.” Three of the volcano, which says Thordarson, called Grimsvotn, Hecla and Askyya. All of them are greater than the previous one. So, we’ll wait…

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2010-05-16 21:55, Society.

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  1. Anis Salvesen Says:

    More volcanic activity disrupting travel? How big are Grimsvotn, Hecla and Askyya compared to Eyjafjallajokull? Hopefully they won’t have as big an effect on air travel, leaving travelers stranded. At least stranded air passengers can find free lodging with locals at Tripping, an online community promoting making the world better through travel. They have a special page set up specifically for stranded travelers to find free lodging: Now if only the airlines could do something to be as prepared as their passengers…..

  2. Jeff Says:

    The three volcano’s you have requested information on are fed by the same mass of magma coming from the earths inner mantle.they all have there own magma chamber but these in efect are all fed by the same magmatic mass deep inside the earth,the volume of which I estimate to be 72 million cubic miles.Now in comparison to say yellowstone,which has a magma chamber of about 25000 cubic miles(that is the most it holds)yellowstone is but a pimple compaired to what this volcanic system holds.In short all the volcano’s on iceland are fed by the same mass of magma so they are all the same size but each volcano has its own small magma chamber and of the 4 mentiond Eyjafjallajokull has the smallest of the four(this I am only guessing as I havent been that far underground to find out)dont worry about its effects because if they go off it will be quite a bang but there is absolutly nothing you or any1 else on this planet that can do anything about it.My biggest worry at the moment is the volcanic system on the east coast of russia,now that is a megga volcano that is just waiting to happen and is more than likly going to go into overdrive pretty soon.Nobody knows for sure when iceland is going to erupt but you can guarantee 1 thing for sure it is going to erupt and 1 day the world will see what a bad part of the earth it is.All the volcano’s on iceland are vents to 1 massive volcanic system that every so often goes into overdrive and its over due,and might be in the early stages right now,but then again it might not be(lets just hope that all the scientists are compleatly wrong and all the people that live on iceland are wrong and its not going to do what they say is going to happen)I think that this is the beginning of a new era in life on earth.Learn to live with it as its not going to get any better,it is more than likely going to get far worse,and possibly far worse than the scare monger’s would like to tell you.The key to servival is to have faith in yourselves and others to get through bad times,and worse case senario for this 1 is about 1000 years of volcanic activity on a scale never witnessed by human’s.But I dont think it will be that bad,just far worse than it is now as its only the beginning of what could be the largest volcanic eruption in human history,or it could stop in 30 mins time(dont think so).Carry on with life as you know it now because I believe every human on the planet will be affected by this soon and its going to hurt but we will survive and life will go on.I CAN ONLY HOPE IM RIGHT WITH THAT LAST COMMENT.If you get stranded then walk,get a bus or a train,or even a boat,or you could just waite for the cloud to clear and then carry on as normal.

  3. Dan Says:

    - The time for Katla to erupt is coming close… VIDEO (07.05.2010): Evgenia Ilynskaya (Geography Department, Cambridge): “Eyjafjallajokull, by erupting, sends off some kind of vibrations… pushes Katla to erupt”… The President of Iceland warned that a second “much bigger” volcano is set to erupt… if Katla blows, it could have devastating consequences worldwide:

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