Dow Jones and hope for the new week

The exchange rate and stock markets are waiting for new tests

In brief: The beginning of week may present many surprises on the background of the general instability and poor economic statistics.

European stock markets were closed on Friday, falling due to the growing concerns associated with Greece and the whole state of the eurozone. “We see a lot of (shares) in the red zone. There is concern about how long they would act in the eurozone plan,” – said Peter Dixon, economist at Commerzbank. “Before weekends investors do not want to leave the position (open). The banking index DJ EURO STOXX fell on Friday to 172.05 (-6.84%). Paper Societe Generale have fallen by 8.63%, BNP Paribas at 7.41%, UBS at 4.67%, Banco Santander to 8.98%, Deutsche Bank at 4.15%.

Major European indexes at the close of the previous trading session: FTSE 100 – 5,383.45 (+0.92%); DAX 30 – 6,183.49 (+2.41%); CAC 40 – 3,733.87 (+1.10%). Futures DJ STOXX 50 in the morning before the opening of trading in Europe decreased to 2,561.00 (-1.46%). European stock markets will open lower. European index of “blue chips” FTSEurofirst 300, on Friday fell to 1.014 (-3.39%). As a result of the previous day’s yield US 10-year T-Note is 3.41% (-0.119%). Yield of 10-year German Government Bonds is 2.86% (-0.079%) compared with the previous day. Yield of 10-year U.K. Government Bonds is 3.75% (-0.090%) compared with the previous day. Oil futures in early morning electronic trading on the background of decreasing the negative attitudes of Asian investors to take risks. Mark Brent Oil (NYMEX) in morning electronic trading at 76.43 (-1.92%) and the American crude oil WTI (NYMEX) 69.93 (-2.35%). Gold futures in the morning at 1240.10 (+1.00%). Commodity Index CRB Index on the basis of past trades is 258.55 (-2.72%). Foreign Exchange in morning trading characterized by continued growth of the U.S. dollar against all major currencies except the Japanese yen against the weakness of the euro zone, and general decline of interest of investors to risk. The dollar index ICE, which reflects the value of the U.S. currency against the trade-weighted basket of other currencies, is 87.00 (+0.68%). Forecast of the day: The U.S. dollar continued to rise against the rejection of investor risk. Today will be an important economic statistics from the U.S.. In our view the full consolidation of the U.S. dollar will continue. Target level for the euro of 1.2000.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-05-17 07:40, Economics.

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