Volcanic eruption in Iceland cover Russian sky with ash

Icelandic volcanic ash cloud is making his way to Russia

In brief: A cloud of volcanic dust and ash could completely close the sky in Russian Siberia.

Volcano in Iceland has sent another cloud of ash in Russia. Volcanic ash clouds from erupting volcano in Iceland, paralyzed in April, the European flights, again returned to mainland Europe and will make it to Siberia, British meteorologists.

According to forecasts published on the website of British Met Office, a cloud of volcanic ashes scattered at altitudes from the surface up to 6 thousand meters, moving from the UK will close the northern and central France, Holland and Belgium, most of Germany, Denmark, southern Sweden and Norway. Another cloud, which is located at a height of 6 to 10 thousand meters, “draw” a giant arc that runs through the entire Greenland, Franz Josef Land, Novaya Zemlya, and bordering on the Yamal Peninsula and the mouth of the Ob River. According to volcanologists that the volcano continues to erupt, ash is ejected to a height of up to 7 thousand meters, and in some cases up to 8 thousand meters. Last Friday, the cloud of ash began to move towards Europe, which were shut down airports in Britain and Ireland.

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2010-05-17 08:33, Society.

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