Forecast exchange rate euro / dollar against the general stagnation

Exchange rate euro is not able to grow

In brief: The euro exchange rate against the U.S. dollar will continue to fall, oil prices are also not able to grow in the coming days.

Exchange rate euro continues its’ falling. At the auction on Friday, the correction in global stock markets only deepened. In spite of good statistical data on the April retail sales (0.4%), Industrial Production (0.8%) and pre-computed on May consumer confidence index from the University of Michigan (73.3 points), the main U.S. indexes left by the end of day in a minus on 1,5-2%.

Leaders of the collapse of quotations became the paper of the banking sector: the so traders reacted to the adoption of Senate amendment to the bill on financial regulation, allowing the U.S. Federal Reserve to control the amount of bank charges on transactions with payment cards. In addition, negative for the sector are also made at the recently statements by the Prime Minister of Greece Mr. George Papandreou, who asked CNN about the role of U.S. banks during the Greek crisis “did not exclude the possibility of recourse.” European sites have collapsed in the last trading day last week for another 3-5%. Calls for the EU heads of state and international regulators to tighten the countries of the budget legislation and a new batch of reminders of the high level risks that are concentrated in Europe, clearly does not inspire confidence, and without that frighten investors. The dominant idea in the markets early this week is the idea of getting rid of risky assets. The first place for risk continues to face the European currency, the credibility of which do not restore any large-scale infusion of liquidity into the economies of the eurozone countries of concern or announced measures to reduce government spending in Greece and Spain.

Combe financial problems in the eurozone and the contradictions between its member countries increases, and confidence that set up a fund of $ 1 trillion. $ Enough to stabilize the situation, there is still no. The result is that EUR / USD pair continues to free fall. This morning she had been an important psychological level of 1.23 and went significantly below it. The victims of instability in the euro area remain and major stock markets of the world. Futures on America “this morning are becoming cheaper by 1%, the indices of the Asian region – by 2-3%. In parallel with the pair EUR / USD falling and quotes resource assets. On Friday, prices for hydrocarbons, declining fourth trading session in a row and finished the day “in the red. Surrounding London Brent contracts have fallen in price on 3,66% and dug in on the value of 77.18 dollars per barrel. Neftefyuchersy mark WTI have fallen in price on 3,75%, stood at 71.61 dollars a barrel. According to the Minister of Energy of Qatar, Abdullah al-Attiyah, OPEC can not do anything with the ongoing collapse in oil quotes, because it is related to the debt crisis in Europe. At the beginning of the week for the cost of oil in electronic trading falls by another 1.5%.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-05-17 12:10, Economics.

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  1. M Btok Says:

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Monday, May 17, 2010
    During a recent speech at a conference of elitists in Zurich Switzerland, IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn called for the introduction of a global currency backed by a global central bank which would act as the “lender of last resort” in the event of a severe economic crisis, which would represent another lurch towards fascist centralization of power by financial terrorists busy exploiting the fiscal chaos they created in order to impose world government.
    Stating that “crisis is an opportunity,” Strauss-Kahn said that globalists should exploit the financial chaos plaguing the world in order to push for “a new global currency issued by a global central bank”.
    Strauss-Kahn said that this global currency would represent a “risk-free asset for the system independent of national currencies,” and that a “global central bank could also serve as a lender of last resort”.
    The IMF chief is basically arguing for an expanded model of a system that is habitually used to swallow up and turn entire countries into debt slaves to the IMF.
    Of course, the fact that global economic governance has proven to be fraught with instability in light of the euro crisis, with concerns about the single currency’s survival spreading like a virus as a result of the Greece disaster, is irrelevant to globalists, who are still trying to pose as the saviors with their “solution” of more centralization of power and more global governance, despite the fact that this is what caused the problem in the first place.
    As we have previously highlighted, globalists are intent on exploiting the financial crisis to set up a ‘bank of the world’ that will be used to further centralize financial regulatory power and control over national economies for the administrative convenience of central bankers.
    In April 2009 the Washington Post reported on plans to turn the IMF into “a veritable United Nations for the global economy,” giving it “vastly expanded authority to act as a global banker to governments rich and poor.” Full story at

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