Google is going to compete with Microsoft Corporation

Google Corporation goes ahead in innovations

In brief: Google is going to produce its own operating system. So Microsoft is losing its monopolistic status

Google Corporation goes ahead in innovations. This time it has presented its own operating system for computers named Chrome OS. Probably it will soon compete with Microsoft Corporation.

Google’s operating system named Chrome OS is based on the technologies used for Google’s internet-browser. The system is able to work with web and offline applications at the same time due to the support of HTML5 technology. The speed of PC functioning is also higher. Thus the loading of the computer will take only a few seconds. Besides it is unnecessary to install the software.

But all computer data is keeping on Google’s servers so that it can be accessed from any computer. It is the lack of the system.

Serial production of Google’s devices is planned to 2010.

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2009-11-20 15:57, Society.

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