Dow Jones Industrial Average promises bears hellish revenge

Dow Jones Industrial Average starts with confidence

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average clasped his teeth and ran up. Investors reacted to the optimism index, rather calmly, but supported the positive trend. Investors finally started buying the bulls happily rubbing their paws.

Dow Jones Industrial Average found the strength to grow. The U.S. market is gradually rising from his knees, – the expert believes. Dow Jones Industrial Average is a favorite of the new rally in the middle of the week. At the opening of stock trading in the U.S. 18 May 2010 expected growth in the leading index, as evidenced by the dynamics of futures on stock indicators. The day before bidding closed small increases in all three indices after a long decline, so today, investors expect to continue their growth. At this point in time quotations of futures for the Dow Jones index rose by 48 points (0.45%), the index S & P – 6 points (0.53%), the index of Nasdaq – by 10,5 points (0, 55%).

The optimism of investors shows that they are not so concerned about the dynamics of recovery of the world economy, which could slow down in Europe adopted measures to reduce public deficits. Experts in solidarity with the reigning sentiment in the market and expect that the impact of European events on the U.S. markets decline. During the meeting the policy once again emphasized that the euro is a “credible” currency, despite its fall to 4-year low against the dollar. The ministers once again tried to allay the fears of investors, indicating that the stability of the euro remained for the past 11 years. However, the main background for the U.S. trades will be events in the national economy. By the time of the opening of the trading session U.S. Department of Labor will publish the index of industrial prices in the country over the past month, which, according to the consensus forecast of analysts, rose by 0,1%. In addition, the scheduled publication of data on the volume of new homes in April 2010. As expected, this figure will be 650 thousand units. Thus, the growth in annual terms, compared with the figures for March 2010. amount to 3,8%. Also in the latest report may be made about the growth in April 2010. the number issued during the year of building permits up to 680 thousand. Against this background, in European trading rose in price action of one of the world’s largest banks Citigroup, 27% of the securities owned by the American government, which is why U.S. stock trading may open for the bank in the pros. If the data on the amount of new housing provided by the Ministry, do not disperse with the estimates of analysts, is not excluded growth of stock quotes world’s largest manufacturer of earth-moving equipment company Caterpillar Inc.

Investors are also interested in the quarterly financial statements of U.S. companies, publication of which is scheduled for May 18 this year So, today reports the largest U.S. retailer Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Retailer of products for home improvement Home Depot has submitted a financial report for the I quarter of 2010, 2011., In which he announced an increase in net profit for the period to 41.1% – up to 725 million dollars compared with 514 million dollars and received a year earlier. Its sales in I quarter 2010-2011 financial year grew by 4,3% and amounted to 16.86 billion dollars against 16.17 billion dollars a year earlier. Operating profit for the period reached 1.30 billion dollars and has been on 33,2% higher than in I quarter of 2009-2010 fiscal year, totaling 980 million dollars. Bidding can be revealed in the “minus” for the developer of software for the analysis of financial transactions Fidelity National Information Services Inc. (FIS). Earlier, Fidelity National announced its intention to buy a number of private investment companies, but negotiations on the takeover failed, at that immediately responded to the European exchanges.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-05-18 14:06, Economics.

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