Who will save euro exchange rate?

The exchange rate euro could be significantly stabilized

In brief: The exchange rate euro remains the main problem for Europe as well as the European currency is unsecured.

Much discussed topic recently to what level can drop the euro. It seems that the loss can not be avoided, but for a long time to write off the currency accounts, probably not quite reasonable. “The positions of the euro remains very fragile – the analyst of the bank Brown Brothers Harriman Audrey Childe-Friedman – as investor confidence in Europe’s rescue plan proposed by the EU and the IMF, the melt by leaps and bounds.”

It seems “that the bear market at the moment is enough information background of zero, because the lack of news – it is also good news (for bears).” “It is expected the euro’s failure to at least $ 1.20 USD This is only a matter of time. But despite the fact that there will be further devaluation of the European currency against the dollar, to talk about her death is not worth, analysts said Danske Bank.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-05-18 21:24, Currency news.

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