The war began in Bangkok: the authorities stormed the camp of the opposition

In Bangkok began the real battles

In brief: Riots in the Thai capital, Bangkok, gradually degenerated into a war government with the opposition, the number of victims is growing constantly.

Thailand is experiencing the worst time in the history of the country. The outflow of tourists exceeded 75%, resorts operate at a loss, the capital, Bangkok is one of the most dangerous cities in the second week in a row. The authorities do not intend to give ground, and the top Red Shirts require a change of the country.

As reported by AP, at least two people were killed in a shootout in the fortified camp of protesters the opposition in the heart of Bangkok. The military for about three hours ago, moved from the siege of the camp to the assault. According to eyewitnesses, armored government troops destroyed everything in its path, including the barricades of live Red Shirts. The main entrance to the shelter of the opposition burnt to the ground. In answer to the attempts of troops to break through the protesters set fire to tires around their camp, was thick black smoke. When the opposition launched a firebombs. Local media broadcast that in this battle, killing over fifty people, but the data have not yet been confirmed. All travel of tourists in Thailand abolished …

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2010-05-19 02:17, Society.

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