Riots in Bangkok turned into war: at least 18 people were killed

Riots in Bangkok and revolution became a reality

In brief: The bloodshed and protests in the Thai capital Bangkok have become widespread, the total number of victims is growing with each passing hour.

At least 18 people were killed, more than one hundred injured varying degrees of severity during the storm opposition camp in one area of Bangkok. Thailand’s capital turned into a battlefield – the correspondent of The Globalist. A lot of armor, which was used by the Thai government during the storming of the opposition camp fire. Around town the opposition raised clouds of black smoke, set ablaze hundreds of tires. The meeting at the Ratchaprasong Square in the heart of “town” of the opposition in Bangkok continues, despite the fact that the government troops began shelling the barricades “town”.

As of 6.30 am Kiev time the army is trying to infiltrate the camp of opposition from the south, namely, from the park and the intersection Lumphini Saladeng. The total number of demonstrators on the square was greatly reduced. The reason is the shift of women and children in the area declared a neutral zone of a Buddhist temple, bordering the “town”. However, many, both men and women, continue to stay on the square and listen to speakers in anticipation of a new military attack. The opposition continues to run the air homemade bamboo rockets to prevent military helicopters to conduct aerial reconnaissance “small town”.

Pavel Migin
2010-05-19 03:47, Society.

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