EU summit: first President has been elected and single army is in project

The EU strengthen its positions in the world politics

In brief: The European Union elected its first President

On November, 19, special summit of the European Union was held in Brussels. There were two main tasks to discuss.

The European Union elected its first President. Now this responsible post belongs to the Prime-minister of Belgium Herman Van Rompuy. His salary on this position is supposed to be €24 000 per month. And the second important appointment was obtained by the EU trade Commissioner Catherine Ashton. She was elected the Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy.

The President of the United States has congratulated the new Head of the EU. He noticed that the EU is the strongest partner of the USA in the business of spreading security and prosperity all over the world. These changes in the authorities are expected to strengthen the partnership between the United States and Europe.

Besides on this EU summit new steps to change the political status of the united Europe were presented. In particular Italy proposed to create single European army.

Analyzing this information we can see that history repeats. Last century the world’s leadership was shared between the USA and the USSR. The Soviet Union at that time united 15 republics.

Now the structure of the European Union is almost the same. 27 states have common government, Parliament and President, common currency, legislation and market. Besides it is going to have common army. Eventually the EU acts as the single entity of international relations.

Is it dejavu?
It is strange to recognize that European countries and most of all the USA did everything to break up the USSR into several separated weak countries in order to introduce the same system to the Europe.

The only difference is the position of the USA. They used to see political threat in the Soviet Union. But now the President of the United States is glad to greet the new Head of the EU. So why don’t the US worry about such strong union of the states as EU?

Yes, the history repeats… but in another aspect.

Ukranian Globalist
2009-11-21 22:34, Society.

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