Floods in Poland takes new life

Number of flood victims in Poland is growing

In brief: Europe is suffering not only from economic problems, but also from the elements, which leave the Old World, this time there was a flood in Poland.

Flood in Poland led to the deaths of 12 people. According to the Government, police and rescue services have been translated into a stronger version of service. Authorities used helicopters and boats for transporting people from the zone of natural disasters.

We urgently evacuated commuters Wroclaw in the west. There was a threat after the Oder River overflowed its banks at two places. Floods in Poland began on May 21 after heavy rains, marching for a week. In Warsaw, a heightened state of readiness are all the rescue services due to the rise of water level in the Vistula to 7,68 m. France and Germany have sent the Polish side of powerful pumping system for pumping water. Technology and rescue teams are waiting from the Baltic countries. Flooding continued across Eastern Europe: Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, but in Poland the situation is most severe.

Pavel Migin
2010-05-22 22:17, Society.

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