Ukraine wants Russia to return the tens of billions of dollars urgently

Ukraine wants to take Russia's record debt

In brief: Ukraine demands to return tens of billions of dollars, which took the Russian Federation in the division of property of the USSR. Viktor Yanukovych is confident that Russia understands the desire of official Kiev to justice.

Ukraine suddenly remembered the legacy of the great Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. One would like to add the free … Kiev said the claim on the property of the USSR, which for the most part passed into the disposal of the Russian Federation. Ted the past becomes a tradition in Ukraine – political analysts say. So, the president and the Ukrainian government in favor of an immediate distribution of property of the former Soviet Union among all former Soviet republics, said on Sunday Viktor Yanukovych in an interview three Ukrainian television channels.

“Negotiations on the division of property of the former USSR are almost from the first years of Ukrainian independence, but we do not yet address the problem. We believe that the property of the former Soviet Union should be divided between the countries, the constituent “- said Viktor Yanukovych, as always, with implacable smile on his face. For Russia this statement was a blow below the belt. Russia’s Foreign Ministry could not give any clear comment on the matter. It should also be noted that according to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Kiev belongs to at least a sixth of all property that belonged to the Soviet Union abroad, namely, the assets of 20 billion dollars, nearly eight billion rubles, the property at $ 20 million and 42 tons of gold . Tomorrow, the Russian Federation is likely to harshly respond to this statement and to begin negotiations.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-05-23 23:35, Society.

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