Dow Jones Industrial Average falls, the dynamics change every minute

Dow Jones reduces volatile

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average began to fall marathon against the instability. Investors do not try to trust the experts' forecasts. Major stock indexes go in different directions.

Dow Jones Industrial Average is falling. The trading volume of the market fell sharply. Experts are sounding the alarm. Monday, May 24, major indexes of the American stock market in the first half of the trades have shown mixed dynamics. Note that the Spanish government has supported a small local bank CajaSur, morphed into rumors of significant problems experienced by other representatives of the European banking system, and upset investors around the world. Nevertheless, the published data on the U.S. housing market and the recommendations of analysts for securities representatives of high-tech sector pulled the indicators S & P500 and Nasdaq from the “red” zone.

Thus, the number of homes sold in the secondary market in April has risen from 5.35 million the previous month to 5.77 million, with an average growth forecast to 5.65 million Equally significant increase in the indicator under consideration is primarily due to expiration of the term program to provide tax relief to families the first time to acquire housing. By the middle of trades barometer of blue chips, the Dow fell by 0,070% to the value of 10 186.23 points, more than a “broad” index of S & P 500 rose by 0.121% and reached 1 089.01 points. The index is fairly high-tech stocks Nasdaq rose by 0.653% to a value of 2 243.59 points. Shares of food producer Campbell Soup weakened by 0.62%. According to the report of the company, profit for the third quarter to end May 2 decreased from $ 174 million, or 49 cents a paper, a year earlier to $ 168 million, or 49 cents per share. Excluding one-time expenditures Campbell Soup for the period managed to earn 54 cents on the paper with an average forecast of analysts at 51 cents. Builder in the first half of the bidding also managed to increase market capitalization after the publication of data on sales of homes on the secondary housing market. So, quotes, Lennar and D.R. Horton rose to 0,69% and 0,49% respectively. Paper Citigroup “recovered” by 4% after Goldman Sachs analysts raised their rating to “neutral” to “buy”, citing improvement in consumer lending and recovery in capital markets. Nevertheless, experts Goldman Sachs today were good-not all the representatives of the financial sector. Recommendations on shares of the largest U.S. mortgage lender Wells Fargo have been revised to “buy” to “hold”, which led to a decrease in quotations of Wells Fargo at 3.16%. Shares of Apple have become “heavier” to 2,95%. Morgan Stanley analysts raised the target price of securities manufacturer handsets iPhone and tablet PCs iPad from $ 275 to $ 310. Not bypassed specialists analytical units and other representatives of high-tech sector. Thus, the market capitalization of the third-largest U.S. mobile operator Sprint Nextel has increased by 8.62% after Goldman Sachs analyst upgraded the rating of securities companies with a “neutral” to “buy”. Google shares added 2.78% in value against the background of positive feedback from the representatives of Citigroup.

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2010-05-24 16:52, Economics.

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