USA: average price of houses in the secondary market in April rose to 173,100 dollars

Houses prices in the U.S. grow slightly

In brief: U.S. real estate market is showing signs of life, although it is rather convulsions before another collapse in housing prices.

U.S. real estate market, which first signaled the world that homes are not gold, trying to swim out of swamps recession. Of course, talking about the restoration of the market, at least, it’s silly, but hope in the long run there.

The average price of homes on the secondary market in the U.S. in April rose by 2% to 173,100 dollars from a revised to 169,600 dollars (170,700 U.S. primary) value in March, compared with April 2009, the average price of homes on the secondary market rose by 4%.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-05-24 17:42, Economics.

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