Dow Jones Industrial Average is linked to the general negativity

Dow Jones can not get out of the red zone

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average finished the day yesterday at risk. Investors are preparing to sell at today's futures even lower price.

Dow Jones Industrial Average will repeat the fate of Russian indices. Such opinions are most investors. Faith in the Dow Jones can finally come to naught, if new reports of the U.S. economy will please not speculators and the U.S. stock market bulls. In the last hour of trading on Wall Street were swept away by all the achievements of the previous day because of fear of “defeat” the financial crisis of eurozone sovereign debt.

Taking Bank of Spain under the tutelage CajaSur Bank and four other union into a single unit that can also indicate whether they have problems, market participants may have regarded as the first “bell”. Take-off sale on the secondary housing market and the words of IMF chief economist Olivier Blanchard was not necessary to revise forecasts of world economic growth because of the events in the Old World is not able to secure quotes from lower throughout the session. On Tuesday morning, the external background continues to grow more dire shape. Futures on U.S. indices (S & P 500 -1.72%) show a deep negative. Also falling and futures on Dow Jones index losing about 1%. The stock trades in Asia (Shanghai composite -1.88%, Hang Seng -2.41%, Nikkei 225 -2.78%) sales compounded by the worsening of geopolitical tensions (the North Koreans had notified the declaration of full operational capability), and denials of the Chinese authorities for relief communications with implementation of the stricter rules of the game on the market. Additional contribution brings the strengthening Japanese yen, which, together with the weakening of the single European currency (EUR / USD 1.2271), evidence of suppression, it seemed, had begun to awaken the craving for risk. Against this background, oil quotations on class brent ($ 69.97/barr.) Tested the strength of the psychological level of $ 70/barr.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-05-25 09:46, Economics.

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