Dow Jones Industrial Average is ready to record lows

Dow Jones falls faster than expected by most analysts

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average lost more than 2% at the beginning of trading. Stock area caved in on the background of bad news from overseas and the negative local reports.

Dow Jones Industrial started trading with a significant minus. The negative trend is due to horrible news from outside the United States and depressing reports of the local scale. Investors were not ready for such an eventuality. Bears went into the new attack, the index continues to lose its point by point. U.S. indexes lost more than 2% at the opening followed by other markets, which react to the challenges of the European banking sector and the threat of North Korea against the South.

By 17:34 Moscow time Dow Jones fell by 2.16% to 9 848.88 points, Standard & Poor’s 500 – by 2.22% to 1 049,82, Nasdaq Composite – on 2,38% to 2 160.97. After Spain had resorted to saving a local bank, global investors are worried about the stability of the global financial system. This was reflected in respect to the shares of major banks and representatives of U.S. industry. Quotes Bank of America Corp lost 3.7%, the aluminum giant Alcoa Inc – 4,4%. Rejection players risky instruments deteriorated after today’s meltdown of Asian sites, which responded to the warning the leader of DPRK Kim Il What ready to strike at South Korea, only if she would attack first. “We are seeing another round of getting rid of risk strategy”, – said an analyst with market shares of Jefferies & Co Arthur Hogan.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-05-25 14:30, Economics.

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  1. Sumguytrader Says:

    Bs. Stock market will go back up before august…bulls go crazy..but after that we are in uncharted territory. Try to milk it before august..we need another rally.

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