Dow Jones goes into another world with the American dream

Dow Jones Industrial wants to escape from the clutches of bears

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average can not overcome the immense pressure of negative reports weak trading in Europe and China. Index of backtracking and then trying to play half the total loss.

Dow Jones Industrial loses balance and falls into the swirling streams of the Hudson River. Investors, who until recently had hoped to rebuild the bluechip index jumped out of it without taking a Rolex and Brioni. Dow Jones currently has lost 200.12 points (-1.99%). Dow Jones index has struck a boundary mark of 10000 items and is heading to the record lows. The index went up 9.866 points.

The next step will be testing bears absolute minimum of 2009-2010. Dow index seek to 9,750. Most experts and market analysts firmly believe that the Dow Jones recovered against the growth of a pair of strong blue chips. But as long as their expectations are not met, but only confuse and frustrate bulls speculators. Rapid growth in the coming weeks if not. Although there is a version of 2008, when a sharp drop in market players tried to play through the slow and systematic whining over 20-30 points. And while fueled a major Chinese news: China’s largest fixed-line operator China Telecom announced that it expected lower earnings for the end of this year due to the fact that more and more users switch to the use of mobile communications. Last year revenue from the provision of fixed-line services fell by 3.2% to 172 600 000 000 yuan ($ 25 billion).

Anrey Torbinski
2010-05-25 17:48, Economics.

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