Citizens of Ukraine and Russia have stopped going to Europe

Ukrainians have lost interest in Europe

In brief: The Old World does not call to visit the citizens of Eastern Europe. Earnings in the European Union for visitors disastrous fall.

Ukraine and Russia cease to be the supplier of the workforce in Europe. Migration in the European Union in order to enrich ceases to be so attractive. According to the Office of the European border control Frontex, the past year the number of illegal immigrants seeking to enter the European Union, has declined significantly.

In 2009, the number of illegals trying to cross the borders of the EU countries decreased by one third, the agency said in a report presented Tuesday at a conference in Warsaw. The decrease is associated with economic decline, impacting on employment opportunities, and increasing constraints “as a marine patrol off the coast of Malta and southern Spain. Most illegal immigrants enter the EU via Greece, the share of the country now accounts for 75% of illegal border crossings, the report said Frontex. Many illegal immigrants arrive in Western capitals with fake documents produced to Greece. The main transit point for illegal immigration into the EU is Turkey.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-05-25 22:00, Society.

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