Burberry has offered hope in the stock market today

The stock market grows with confidence today

In brief: The sudden rise took place today at the European stock market. Many investors no longer fear and increased trading volumes in the Old World.

On Wednesday, May 26, the major European stock indicators showed a significant increase, while the leaders of growth were the paper representatives of the commodity and banking sectors. Investors are fully concentrating on the problems of the region, so far did not have a proper attention to the emerging signals of a gradual recovery of world economy. As a result, any assumptions about the excessive activity of the sellers in markets dominated most of the month.

A positive signal was the message representatives of the OECD expected in the current year, GDP increased 30 countries participating in the organization of approximately 2,7%, which exceeded the November forecast of 1.9%. In addition, statistics on the U.S. market were more than favorable. Thus, the increase of orders for durable goods and sales of new homes in the U.S. not only demonstrated positive dynamics, but also surpassed expectations of analysts. As a result of the trading day regional indicator STXE 600 added to its asset 2,52% and closed at 237.95 points. The British FTSE 100 has become “harder” to 1,97%. The French CAC 40 advanced to 2.32%. German DAX index was strengthened by 1.55%. Quotes commodity companies have demonstrated growth under the influence of higher prices for metals. Thus, the world’s largest mining company BHP Billiton added to your asset 5,3%, while shares of other industry representatives Xstrata grew by 5,7%. The market capitalization of Rio Tinto Group jumped 7.3% after the annual meeting of the company reported that over the next 15 years, expects increased demand for Commodities from China. As leaders of growth were present and European banks. Frederic Oudea – CEO French Societe Generale, adding it to your active 1,3% said that 2010 will be for the industry recovery period. Paper Credit Agricole added in the price of 2,8%. Credit Suisse analyst upgraded the rating of the shares of British banks Royal Bank of Scotland Group and the Lloyds Banking Group to “neutral” to “better than the market, which led to an increase in their quotations of 5,6% and 6,7% respectively. The market capitalization of the world’s largest watchmaker Swatch has increased by 6,2% as a result of reports of increased sales in March at 45%. It should be noted that in January and February also saw a significant increase in sales: up 33% and 58% respectively. Papers British manufacturer of luxury Burberry Group gaining weight 7,6% in connection with reports of more rapid than expected, the opening of new stores.

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