The stock market today: good statistics and bad trades

The stock market has grown significantly in Europe, Dow Jones collapsed in the U.S.

In brief: Trading in the stock market in Europe showed a significant plus. Stock market U.S. was weak and could not get a positive trend in late trading.

Stock market in the U.S. went into negative zone today. Major indexes arranged as follows: Dow Jones industrial average: 9974.45 points (-69.30 points) -0.69%, Nasdaq Composite: 2195.88 points (-15.07 points) -0.68%, S & P 500: 1067.95 points (-6.08 points) -0.57%. The positive correction after the crash on the eve of developments within the European trading – Spanish, Italian stock index added more than 2%, the German stock index also for trades added 2%. While the current growth in Europe is also just a slight correction after almost panic selling yesterday.

The index of consumer confidence in the U.S., according to published data yesterday showed the maximum value for the last 2 years. It grew as a component of assessing the current situation and the subindex of consumer expectations for the coming months. A survey of American citizens on the situation on the labor market have shown that an increasing number of citizens say about the growth opportunities in the market to find work. Also, an increasing number of citizens will increase their consumer spending. Thus, the emerging trend in consumer spending in the U.S. is likely to continue in the coming months and growth will be higher quality than in previous quarters. Today’s statistics from the U.S. also proved to be quite good: Orders for durable goods excluding transportation fell 1% last month. However, this decline was seen in the light of upward revision of growth of orders in the previous month, more than 4%. Growth in sales of new buildings in April in the U.S. amounted to 14,8%.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-05-26 21:46, Economics.

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  1. Nse share tips Says:

    “The stock market today: good statistics and bad trades” good information.

    world markets will again down up to 7% , and some chance is very near for bear.

    so trade with carefully

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