Volcano in Iceland ate budget of Europe

Icelandic volcano devastated pockets of the world economy

In brief: Volcanic eruption in Iceland led to a loss of at least $ 5 billion and a half months. Airlines have not been able to calculate losses.

The closure of the airspace in Europe because of the volcanic eruption in Iceland caused damage to the global economy $ 5 billion, news agencies reported. From this affected not only the passengers and airlines. Crisis has affected trade, investment, tourism and manufacturing. According to estimates of experts, a week from 15 to 21 April in Europe was performed on 100 thousand flights compared to the previous week.

Net losses of air carriers accounted for more than $ 2 billion in losses of passengers who failed to depart on time to destination, estimated at $ 1,5 billion. During the first week “of volcanic crisis”, when the European airspace has been almost completely closed, the losses of the Americas amounted to 957 million dollars in Asia – 517 million in Europe – 2,632 billion, the Middle East, 591 million dollars, the report says. The volcano began erupting in Iceland April 14, 2010, which resulted in the formation of a large cloud of ash, which represents a danger to aviation turbine engines and the wings of aircraft. Europe’s security services have decided to fly on time to close the airspace over many areas.

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2010-05-27 01:11, Society.

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