Ukraine refused to NATO

NATO does not appeal to Ukraine

In brief: Ukraine will not attempt to join NATO in the near future. Official Kiev configured to friendship with Moscow.

Ukraine continues to focus on the development of relations with NATO, but the question of membership in this organization is removed from the agenda. Told the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Konstantin Gryshchenko.

He also recalled that the idea of Ukrainian membership in the organization do not like the majority of Ukrainians and destructive effect on the efficiency of Ukraine’s foreign policy. In this regard, Ukraine will continue to develop its relations with NATO, but the question of membership until withdrawn from the agenda. On the eve of the first deputy secretary of the Council of National Security and Defense Council (NSDC), Stepan Havrysh said that for Ukraine the issue of cooperation with the alliance remains a priority in foreign policy. In February of this year President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych said that Ukraine intends to support the Russian initiative to establish a system of collective European security, with the question of Ukraine joining NATO is not worth it.

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2010-05-27 09:58, Society.

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