U.S. economy recovers losses

U.S. economy news filled with optimism

In brief: Regular reports on economic statistics are positive. American markets are slowly but surely beginning to gain lost ground.

The data of the U.S. economy, that were published yesterday exceeded the wildest forecasts of experts once again. Sales of homes on the primary housing market of the United States rose in April to 504 thousand, while projected at 425 thousand, and orders of durable goods rebounded in the month at 2.9% instead of the expected growth at 1.3%.

Coming out this week’s strong statistics from the U.S. can be interpreted as a sign of quick recovery of the U.S. economy, but it also increases the risks of tightening monetary policy sooner than expected experts say. This, in particular, reminded investors the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which increased on the eve of world economic growth forecasts to 4.6% this year and 4,5% in the next, and recommended the country rather to turn state support measures and to tighten fiscal policies to avoid further overheating. Dynamics of the U.S. stock indices and Europe during the past trading was the opposite direction: the exchange of the Old World recorded a sure increase, the American completed the day the site in red. The negative impact on the course of trading in the U.S. have had reports from China, where the State Administration of foreign exchange market is ready to reconsider the investment strategy of investment in bonds of the euro zone in the direction of reducing them. On the morning of futures on indices the U.S. grow by more than 1% after a substantial reduction in the indices themselves the day before. Major stock indicators Asian region reside today in the positive territory, but demonstrated by their growth falls within 1%. Favorable news came this morning from Japan, where exports increased in annual terms in April, more than 40% (up to 65.4 billion U.S. dollars): rate increases for the fifth consecutive month.

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2010-05-27 11:16, Economics.

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